Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Experience And Insight for Journey Of Personal Growing

Today i will like to share with u all regarding the journey of my personal growing. I personally feel the following points is very important to be aware of when facing our daily life issues .All our daily life issues is the chance for us to choose wisely again with love:

a) Soft with love
How soft we treat ourselves/others depend on the beliefs we have on personal growing. We all expect love from outside/others,but the only "things" we can in charge is ourselves ie our body,mind,spirit..etc.
If we look at some main personal growth terms which we may read from books,attend workshop....etc, ie aware,allow,accept,appreciate,say yes,surrender,natural...etc, all the above energy is very soft and full of love energy.In order for our life to move towards more easily and smooth life,instead of resistant,we say yes and appreciate to 'everything happen/come in our life"

b)our beliefs/valued in our life issues
We need to be aware where those beliefs come from? Why we so identified or attached with those beliefs and willing to "pay a higher price" in order to hold on those beliefs?
I personally feel listening to our body language,feeling,intuition those very honest and true voice ... etc is a wisely guidelines to guide us to "choose" the beliefs which is most suitable/match with" ourselves". We need to learn to use our inner wisdom to reassess all the beliefs we have with open heart.
Most of the people live their life according to the beliefs which can fulfill their yearning need like to be love,accepted,belonging... etc. and feel safe and comfort in doing so.

c)Higher power/Tau
Our 'I" always want to be in charge, in control of everything and think we know what is the best choice for us. I personally feel at the moment most of the people are very blur and they are unaware most of the time ,their unconscious are in charge which attract them to/from " things' which are very painful for them to go through it.
We need to learn to be humble and give way and listen to higher power voices/ Tao which really have the wisdom and love to take care of our universal as a whole.
d)Intimacy relationship with ourselves first,then we are able to cultivate intimacy/peaceful relationship with others/universal.
Everyday , most of the people are so occupied with the ' Things" outside and seldom" give/invest time" to ourselves and listen to our inner voices/need.What really can enrich ourselves ie body,mind.spirit ?

e)Self responsible for 'anythings" happen in our life
I learn to reflect what i contribute to "those happening/come into my life". If i can always remind myself to see in this way, I have the chance to growth and chose again wisely with love.I have the chance to be more aware of my" learning lesson" and breakthrough it.
Above is some of the main guideline/ insight i will like to share with u all especially for those who are beginner/new to personal growing.I really hope we all can move more easily and smoothly and "save time" in our journey to growth.Just to remind, always trust your own inner wisdom voice and we all have abundant resources to face our daily life issues.

with sharing Lian Sie