Sunday, January 9, 2011

Messages From Virginia Satir

  • Growth is a commitment to go into unknown territory
  • Transformation has occurred, when a person goes from saying, " I want to be loved" to " I am loved - by me"
  • The family is the vehicle from whom we learn to be who we are
  • Peace within...peace between...peace among...peace beyond - Virginia Satir
  • People are unique and therefore impossible to compare
  • Communication is to relationships what breath is to life
  • In our differences we grow, In our sameness we connect
  • When I am worried about the past and future, I cannot be in the here and now

 The Five Freedoms :
1.) To see and hear what is here
2.)To say what one feels and thinks
3.)To feel what one feels 
4.) To ask for what one wants 
5.) To take risks in one's own behalf

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