Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My understanding and application of Law of attraction

Recently i have a lot of experience regarding what we really believe will come true. I feel in order to create what we really want, we need to follow our universal law:

a)Our intention need to be very pure, sincere and have higher purpose to benefit others.

b) need to have peace within first, then only we have the power to create what we want.

c) Always full of satisfaction and appreciation in receiving and giving 'Gift". Not only with our thinking, need to really feel within our heart.

d)Not 'I" want, i need to surrender and guide by our higher self.

e) if we always feel insufficient and shortage in our life, the desires to don’t want 'something" will have the energy power to create what u don’t want to u. So sad to see this happen around us.

Hopefully this sharing is only a guideline and not become a rules in your life.


Lian sie

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