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8–12 JUNE '17 「The Body Speaks and Dreams: How Can We Understand Its Language?」

「The Body Speaks and Dreams: How Can We Understand Its Language?」

(Conducted in English; Mandarin translation available)
【Organiser】: Satir Whole Person Development Association of Malaysia
【About the Workshop】:
With so much emphasis on studying and working hard in order to be successful in life, many of us have lost connection with the wisdom and sacred-timing of our bodies, our dreams, our breathing, and our connection to our life-giving Earth. We suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, despair, isolation, and addictions. But even though we are educated to ignore and over-power our bodies' messages, our bodies are always trying to communicate with us through our dreams, through physical and emotional sensations, and even through our diseases and environments.
In this 5-day workshop, with the support of a natural environment, you will be invited and guided to explore your bodies' wisdom, with the intention of restoring lost balance and harmony. You will also learn Gestalt skills and practices you can use to help others. You will be guided to experience Three Zones of Awareness developed by Gestalt therapy and you'll be able to understand the basics of Gestalt awareness practice. The methods and mood are interactive, both deep and playful. We will use our five senses with full consciousness, do expressive movement, use our voices, and make images. The class will be responsive to participants' needs and include short lectures, discussions, demonstrations of individual and group Gestalt therapy, work in pairs and small groups, body awareness explorations outside in nature, among other things.
【About the Trainer】:
ROSE NAJIA has over thirty-five years experience as an international teacher of Gestalt Awareness, dream work, creative process, improvisational theatre, nature communication and nature-based healing. Rose is the founder and former director of the Tokyo Gestalt Institute where she developed innovative courses for both children and adults using Gestalt therapy.
While living in Tokyo, Rose was a Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo in the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and taught Gestalt and body awareness to Japanese doctors and medical students, as well as facilitating three-year training programs for Gestalt practitioners. She also founded and taught long-term Gestalt training programs in Taiwan and China for many years. She was an adjunct faculty for an Environmental Arts Masters Program, trained child therapists, and designed special non-violent communication programs for children and parents.
Rose is a poet and the author of a non-fiction book, Holy Fools: The Healing Power of Presence and Play, about her work with performance in Asia (published in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese). Rose uses her background in psychology, perception, theater, healing, and shamanism to create unique training programs and events which actively involve students and audiences in transformational processes.
【About Gestalt Therapy】:
Many modern therapies have integrated Gestalt therapy practices into their application. Family therapist Virginia Satir adopted and experiential, existentialist approach in working with families and developed Gestalt-like family therapy techniques such as family posturing and family sculpture. The distinctive feature of the Gestalt approach, like Zen, is a deep respect for and attention to the present moment, a focus on Here and Now. The originators of Gestalt therapy, Frederick Perls and his wife, Laura Perls, were originally Freudian analysts. They combined and developed Zen principles with many pioneering ideas of the mid-twentieth century to create a present-oriented, body-focused, experiential, humanistic, relational, non-authoritarian psychotherapeutic system, which is also an approach to life.
Part of this Gestalt approach involves distinguishing among three types of awareness. These Three Zones of Awareness are:
Inner Zone: Body sensations and emotions
Outer Zone: The five senses relating without judgments to outer world perceptions
Middle Zone: Mental activity, analysis, criticism, planning, in general, all attention focused in the past and future.
Most modern people spend a huge percentage of time in the Middle Zone and in fact, we often have difficulty distinguishing our thoughts and projections (Middle Zone) from our perception (Outer Zone). This can cause of a lot of suffering. Gestalt practice seeks to clarify and balance the way we employ these three zones of awareness because we know that clear awareness itself can cure us. That principle, that awareness itself is curative, is one of the pillars of Gestalt therapy.
Since the ability to be present, to perceive and empathize with ourselves and others, is the foundation of all healing communication, Gestalt techniques have a wide application for therapists, teachers, healer, parents, managers, couples....everyone. Self-healing also requires us to be present to ourselves, to our own suffering, as well as to our talents, longings, sensations and instincts.
Gestalt therapy, as taught by Rose Najia, also has a close relationship to non-violent communication and Mindfulness. Mindfulness in this case means cultivating curiosity, openness, acceptance, and love toward ourselves and others, which is a pathway to healing.
【Target Audience】: Adult who cares about his/her personal development.
【Venue】: Sun Flower House
                   11, Lorong Permai,
                   Robson Heights, Kuala Lumpur
【Date and Time】:
8th – 12th June 2017, 10am to 6pm (2 hours lunch break; lunch provided)
【Course Fees】: (HRDF Claimable)
1. Course Fee: RM4000 per pax (including 5D4N accommodation & meals)
RM3500 per pax (including lunch)
2. Member of Satir Whole Person Development Association of Malaysia, group of 3 pax and early bird registration with full payment before 5th May 2017, is entitled to a discounted price of RM3500 per pax (including 5D4N accommodation & meals) OR RM3500 per pax (including lunch)
【Online Registration】:
1. Course Fee is not refundable;
2. The seat is transferable; Pre-requisite: the organiser must be notified at least ONE WEEK before course commencement.
3. If the course is cancelled due to any reasons, the course fee will be fully refunded.
【Payment Method】:
                Bank                   : Public Bank
                Account               : Persatuan Perkembangan Diri Satir Malaysia
                Account Number : 3167953402

1. Fill up the online registration Form and kindly email a copy of Bank-In Slip to the Email Account with the subject “Registration: The Body Speaks and Dreams: How Can We Understand Its Language?”
2. You will receive an email reminder 5 days prior to course commencement
3. Payment Receipt will be distributed on the first day of course. Please contact the association’s secretary in advance if you require specific description on the receipt. Please keep the receipt well as there will be no receipt replacement or course fee refund due to loss of receipt.
【Certification of Training Hours】:
Upon completion of course, a certification of attendance with training hours will be issued. Please keep the certificate well as there will not be replacement due to loss.
【Contact Details】:
• Phone Inquiry: 016-219 6063 ( Wed 9am~4pm; Thu 12pm ~ 9pm ; Fri & Sat 9am~6pm ; Sun to Tue: OFF )
• Email        :

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